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CloudService1: Windows Azure and SQL Azure Videos

In the past 2-3 weeks I’ve spent my time researching Microsoft's new cloud operating system, Windows Azure. I just finished 3 days of meetings with my co-workers Arif and Lanh, where I gave them an overview on how to write code to target Windows Azure.

We also covered the new SQL Server in the cloud, SQL Azure, and ways to make calls to SQL Azure using the .netTiers ORM and ADO.NET.

We ended up with 7 videos, over 4 hours of content and over 90 items covered! I thought I’d make the videos publicly available to share with the community. You can access all of the videos here:

This project contains the source code for all of the samples in the videos.

To open the sample projects in Visual Studio 2008, follow these steps:

1) Get the latest source code from
2) On a local SQL Server (Express, Standard, etc...), create the TESTDB1 database using CloudService1\Database\TESTDB1-script.sql
Follow along the videos using the URL above and create the database manually using SQL Server Management Studio.
3) Open the CloudService1\CloudService-Solution.sln

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